Higher College


Subject-cycle commissions of the Higher College

Higher College Educational Programs

4S01120102 “Educator of the organization of preschool education and training”

3W01120101 “The assistant to the tutor”

4S01140101 “Teacher of primary education”

4S01140501 “Teacher of physical education”

4S01140601 “Teacher of Kazakh language and literature”

4S01140602 “Teacher of Russian language and literature”

4S01140605 “Teacher of a foreign language”

4S02310101 «Translation Business»

4S04110102 “Accountant”

4S04210101 “Lawyer”

4S06130105 “Information systems technician”

3W07110402 “The chemical analysis laboratory assistant”

Name of specialty

Name of qualification

01140100 “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”

5AB01140101 “Applied Bachelor of Primary Education”

01140200 “Physical education and sport”

5AB01140201 “Applied Bachelor of Physical Education”